How to advertise your e-book deals and freebies on the German e-book market

When you’re discounting your e-books in the US or UK, you would use Bookbub, KND and similar services to let price sensitive readers know about your deals. But there is no german Bookbub. What are the e-book discount websites for and Tolino? Just refer to the following table for details.

In general, the strategy is similar to what you would do at home: Get your book in a good position first and then use the most promising service for that last step. You will need more than 100 sales per day for several days to get into the top 100. That requires not only an investment in these services but a certain amount of luck too.

Also, make sure that:

  • The cover fits german taste (depending on genre)
  • The book description is edited and proof-read by your german editor
  • The book already has a few reviews
  • You set the Euro price in KDP (when using KDP, of course)
  • When using other distributors, you may or may not need to add VAT (the stores will always add a 19 % VAT before showing the price to the customer)
  • The book text is, of course, translated to German (it’s pretty hard to get a lot of sales with English language titles)
  • You have a German language author page on (it’s separate from!)

Don’t be afraid of order forms in German language. Just mail the owner of the site in English and explain your situation. People doing business on the web will always be able to understand and answer.

In general, it will be a lot harder on if you are going broad and cannot use Kindle Unlimited reads. 80 percent of the top 100 and 65 percent of the top 1000 titles on DO use KDP Select.

The Tolino stores do promotions as well, and it’s these promotions that work best, just like official Kindle deals usually work better on Amazon than external deals. To get them, ask your distributor. The easiest way though is to contact Tolino Media, Tolino’s self publishing service. That being said, there ARE authors that actually sell more on Tolino. Others are using Select for the first year of their titles and then upload it to Tolino. iBooks and Kobo are not very important, together they may have a 10 percent share.

Countdown deals and Kindle advertising services cannot be used on AllStars are given to the best 150 authors and 100 books (starting from € 500 for authors and € 250 for books). You will need around 400.000+ page reads to get an AllStar bonus.

SiteAdsFor dealsFor freebiesNewsletterWebAppRemarks
e-Books-Unlimited.dexxxxxFor e-books in Kindle Unlimited only
Buchdeals.dexxxxxat least 50% discount
Schnulze-der-Woche.dexxxRomance only
TolleBuchangebote.dexxxxat least 25% discount, 3.5 stars
KindOfBookxxxNo ads but prices for the newsletter

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