Smashwords now delivering to German e-book store cooperative Tolino

E-book aggregator Smashwords just announced three new partnership, the most important being the distribution to the German e-book store cooperative Tolino featuring stores as Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel or All titles will begin shipping in early 2016. The announcement sets Tolino’s market share at 37 percent. 30 percent of all Tolino e-books are sold, Smashword says, on their e-reading devices. That means 70 percent are read on tablets, smartphones or a computer.

What I’m missing from the announcement is the author’s share for Tolino. For the second important news that number is not missing: Smashwords will also start shipping to Spanish library e-book provider Odilo. Smashwords authors and publishers will earn 45% list from Odilo sales. The company supplies digital books to public libraries in 43 countries across Europe (1,000 libraries), Latin America (1,000 libraries) and North America (100 libraries). About 40% of Odilo’s ebook sales are books in English, 40% Spanish, 15% French and 5% German.

Current German Smashwords clients using the service mainly for international distribution should take action: If you are not opting out, your books will be delivered to Tolino too – where it already might be, uploaded by you through or some German distributor. The problem: on Smashwords, you can only set Dollar prices without VAT so you never know at which price your book ends in the German store. How do you make sure you keep a fixed price as Preisbindung requires?

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