Kindle AllStars in Germany: How many pagereads did you need in Oktober?

Another month, another bonus e-mail from Amazon. 150 authors and 100 titles get the AllStar treatment each month for How many pagereads did you need to reach those benefits (which do not only include a nice looking star icon on your book’s Amazon page but also a sum between 250 and 7500 Euro)?

Well, it depends. When talking about books, you needed at least 320,000 pagereads, just like in September to get the entry amount of €250. To enter the next bonus level, you needed at least 630,000 page reads instead of 560,000 in September. The good news: the 750 Euro bonus this time starts lower at 1.7 million pages compared to 2 million in the previous month.

Author bonuses in October required at least 260,000 page reads, around 10 percent less than in the month before. Also, the nect step was easier to reach with 410,000 pages. On the other hand, the 2500 Euro bonus level has increased to 870,000 pagereads instead of 820,000. Also, for 3500 Euro you needed 10 percent more in October than in September – or at leadt 1.4 Million pages. To get 500 Euro required 2 Million pagereads (just like in the previous month) while the maximum bonus of 7500 Euro was paid from around 2,6 Million pagereads.

More than 30 authors contributed to these statistics. Thank you very much!

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Born 1966. University degree in physics, journalist for major news magazines for more than 20 years. Started self publishing in 2011 when KDP came to Germany, subsequently became the author of the Amazon bestselling eBook 2011. Started blog in early 2013, now a leading information resource for authors in Germany. Currently working part time with a German publisher and as an author / expert / speaker / freelance journalist. Published around 50 titles so far with total sales of approx. 180.000, mostly non-fiction.


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