Kindle-AllStar-Bonus for August: How many pages did you need to get one?

In August, there was another increase in the numbers of pages read authors needed to get a bonus. In case you didn’t know yet, for KDP Germany, the 150 best authors and the 100 best e-books get a bonus.

Let’s start with the book bonus: Instead of 250.000 (in July) you now needed more than 320.000 pages to get the lowest bonus. To get 500 €, the lower limit jumped to 530.000 (from 470.000). The highest bonus is hard to calculate from my numbers. It must have been around 1,8 million pages.

The author bonuses significantly increased as well. While in July you could get a bonus with 200.000 pages, you needed nearly  300.000 in August. The 1500 Euro area started at 440.000 pages (July: 400.00). You would get 2500 Euro if readers read at least 800.000 pages in your books (July: 670.000). Starting from 1,35 million pages Amazon would pay you 3500 Euro – to reaxh that level, you needed only 1,06 million pages in July.

In July, these 1,35 million pages paid you 5000 Euro – while in August the numbers needed increased to more than 1,7 million pages. The highest level, 7500 Euro, have been paid for around 3 million pages in August (July: 2 million).

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