Smashwords now delivering to German e-book store cooperative Tolino

E-book aggregator Smashwords just announced three new partnership, the most important being the distribution to the German e-book store cooperative Tolino featuring stores as Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel or All titles will begin shipping in early 2016. The announcement sets Tolino’s market share at 37 percent. 30 percent of all Tolino e-books are sold, Smashword says, […]

Data analysis: Typical author earnings for Germany – what are the most promising price points?

A few days ago, US aggregator Smashwords showed an analysis of e-book sales between April 2014 and March 2015. The results are pretty interesting – while at the same time being relevant mostly for the US market. That’s because Smashwords sells most of it’s titles on channels that are not that important in Germany. But which […]

Major German newspaper / tabloid BILD weekly prints’s combined e-book and printed book charts

Quite a huge success for The major German newspaper / tabloid BILD today started printing weekly fiction and non-fiction charts, based on combined e-book and printed book sales on BILD sells around 2.2 million copies daily, and the online version has around 18 million unique visitors per month. The online version of […]